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We want to see our students achieve their goals. Explore the different resources available to you at WCU.

Online Store

Get your dose of West Coast University merchandise at the three online locations below.

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Order Uniforms

Ordering uniforms is an exciting part of your educational journey, signaling the shift from the classroom to your long-term healthcare career. WCU has teamed up with Uniform Advantage to make ordering your uniforms convenient and cost-effective.

1st Year Lab Coats - order here

Nursing Uniforms - order here

Dental Hygiene Uniforms - order here

Transition Into Practice Program (TIPP) Scrubs - order here

DPT Coats - order here

PharmD Coats - order here

Additional Garments (Self-Pay) - order here

TX Physician Assistant Program Garments - order here

CA Physician Assistant Program Garments - order here